Musical Glass Hanging Notes


  • Hanging glass musical notes decoration
  • Hand-made by our talented glass artist
  • Unique to Music Room Direct
  • Perfect gift for a musical family
  • Available in 2 unique sets:
  • 1 green quaver, 1 red quaver & 1 red beamed note
  • 1 green quaver, 1 red quaver, 1 red beamed note, 1 green beamed note
  • Gift wrapped in a box ready to give


Beautiful music decorations, handmade from glass in the shapes of music notes.

For a really unusual Christmas decoration or simply a unique decoration to hang around the house, look no further than these stunning handmade glass music notes.

They will look gorgeous hanging from the tree, near lights, or displayed in a window where the sunlight catches them – indeed anywhere that light can shine through the colours to bring them alive.

Each note is unique, and will make a lovely addition to your own home, or be a perfect gift for a musical family. Every note is individually made by Katie Lynn, our new glass artist, and she is known for her individual and quirky style.

Our designs are a pretty single quaver in red or green with a clear stem decorated with dots of gold, and beamed quavers (double notes) also in red or green and decorated with gold.

These notes are available in two sets:

Set one: box of three notes: (one green quaver, one red quaver and one red beamed note)

Set two: box of four notes: one green quaver, one red quaver, one red beamed note, one green beamed note.

See pictures for how the sets are made up.

Each set comes gift wrapped in a box ready to give.

Additional information

Note Set

Musical Note Set 1, Musical Note Set 2


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